Small Business Endorses Shelby for Reelection

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the nation’s leading representative of small business owners, is endorsing Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) for reelection. Shelby has a strong record of standing up for small business in the U.S. Senate and should continue representing the people of Alabama.

“Senator Shelby is a strong voice for small business in the U.S. Senate,” said NFIB/Alabama State Director Rosemary Elebash. “We’re grateful that he has worked to fight bad laws and regulations like Obamacare and Dodd-Frank. He knows that our state’s small businesses are critical to jobs and the economy and that they need to be free if we want to see them grow and thrive.”

“I am honored to have the NFIB’s endorsement,” said Shelby. “Small businesses are the driving force for job creation in America, yet President Obama’s policies are burying them under a mountain of regulations written by Washington bureaucrats. I am fighting to unravel Dodd-Frank’s unnecessary roadblocks to capital and to promote fundamental tax reform because I believe we must foster the conditions for small businesses to thrive and create jobs in America.”

Shelby qualified for an endorsement from the NFIB by achieving an 83 percent positive rating on votes scored in the current Congress. The list of scored votes is available here.

“Small business owners are engaged in elections and vote for legislators who help them succeed,” said Elebash. “I am certain that NFIB members will work hard to make sure Senator Shelby wins both the primary and general elections.”

Shelby’s endorsement today comes from the NFIB SAFE Trust, the organization’s political action committee. Small business owners vote in high percentages and they are influential in their communities.