Conservative Fighter

A proven record of fighting for Alabama’s conservative values.


A Strong Pro-Life Record

Senator Shelby is resolutely pro-life and believes that the Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade, in which it decided that abortion is a constitutional right, is terribly flawed on both a constitutional and moral basis. He believes that it is our ethical and moral duty to protect the dignity of human life, particularly when it comes to the lives of the most vulnerable members of the human race.

Because of the Roe decision, Congress cannot outlaw abortion. However, Senator Shelby has supported policies to protect the unborn. He has consistently voted to prevent the use of any federal funds to perform abortions. He supports enacting measures that uphold health professionals’ right to refuse services that they believe to be immoral and to allow states to more carefully regulate the time, place, circumstances, and manner in which abortion services are provided.

Senator Shelby has also fought against taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, particularly in light of the recent videos highlighting the organization’s extremely gruesome and troubling practices. Most recently, he voted against a short-term funding bill in Congress because it did not defund Planned Parenthood.

Fighting For Traditional Marriage

Senator Shelby’s longstanding position is that marriage is a sacred union between one man and one woman. While Senator Shelby respects the rule of law, he firmly disagrees with the Supreme Court’s decision and believes that Alabama’s ban on same sex marriage is constitutional. Senator Shelby has fought in Congress to protect traditional marriage as well as to protect religious liberties.


A Strong Record on Illegal Immigration

Throughout his time in Congress, Senator Shelby has consistently advocated for stronger illegal immigration laws and enforcement. Since President Obama was elected to office, our nation’s immigration crisis has only worsened. Senator Shelby strongly opposes the president’s blatant disregard for the rule of law and believes that his failure to enforce the laws currently on the books has exacerbated the influx of illegal immigration.

Opposing Amnesty

In particular, Senator Shelby continues to oppose any and all proposals to grant amnesty to the more than 10 million people illegally present in the United States today. While the United States is a nation founded by immigrants, and Senator Shelby fully supports a fair and reasonable means of allowing individuals to immigrate to America legally, it is simply unjust to reward people for their willful violation of U.S. immigration laws while so many others wait their turn to come to America through proper channels.

Fighting Against Funding For Sanctuary Cities

As Chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee that determines funding for the Department of Justice, Senator Shelby has led the charge in Congress to put an end to the availability of federal funds for sanctuary cities. The tragic murder of Kathryn Steinle in July of 2015 underscores Senator Shelby’s belief that taxpayer dollars should not be available to municipalities that plainly disregard our nation’s immigration laws.


Getting Washington Out of the Way

Senator Shelby knows that Washington does not create jobs. However, he knows that Washington can be one of the greatest impediments to job creation if it overburdens the free market. Therefore, he believes that the federal government can best promote economic growth by fostering an environment that is most conducive to the investment of entrepreneurial capital and job creation.

As we have witnessed far too many times under President Obama, big government policies like Obamacare and rules and regulations from the EPA only stand in the way of job growth in this country. That is why Senator Shelby has consistently pushed for a smaller, more efficient government that encourages opportunity – not one that picks winner and losers in the marketplace.

Government Borrowing and Spending Is Not The Answer

Unfortunately, the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress believe that the government can create jobs by borrowing money from America’s foreign creditors and spending it on government programs. Not surprisingly, these attempts have proven unsuccessful while also greatly increasing our national debt. You cannot jumpstart our economy by mortgaging future American generations.

A Market-Based Economic Recovery

Senator Shelby believes that the largest incentive for job growth and economic recovery is broad, sustained tax cuts as well as elimination of undue and unnecessarily burdensome federal regulatory requirements. At the same time, the government must foster confidence in the financial sector so that banks will again feel free to make loans to small business starts, where most new jobs are created.


A Growing Debt Crisis

When President Obama took office, our nation’s debt was at a staggering $10.6 trillion. Our debt has now skyrocketed to over $19 trillion under this Administration’s misguided policies.
Senator Shelby knows that this cycle of debt accumulation is unsustainable and will only lead to placing more debt on the backs of future generations. That is why he strongly opposed raising the debt limit in October. We simply cannot continue to raise our nation’s debt ceiling with no real reforms to curb the driver of our debt crisis: wasteful government spending.

A Constitutional Balanced Budget Amendment

Senator Shelby believes that a key omission in the U.S. Constitution is the absence of a requirement that the federal government achieve a balanced budget each year. Since he first joined the Senate, he has introduced legislation that would amend the U.S. Constitution to require a balanced annual federal budget.

Fiscal Responsibility

The federal government must constrain itself to spend only what it takes in and not continue to saddle future generations with debt. This does not mean, however, that we should increase taxes. Senator Shelby adamantly opposes tax increases, as our budget shortfall is not the result of insufficient tax revenues, but rather excessive government spending. Like every household in America, the federal government must learn to spend money at the level that it receives it.


Fighting to Preserve America's Health Care System

Senator Shelby believes that, while it is not perfect, America enjoys the best health care in the world. Even so, he supports making rational and incremental improvements to the system to build upon its strengths in order to make quality care more affordable and accessible.

Opposing Obamacare

Senator Shelby adamantly opposed Obamacare and supports a full repeal of this deeply flawed law. At the time of Obamacare’s enactment, then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that we needed to pass the law in order to find out what is in it. What we have learned over the past few years since its enactment is that Obamacare is bad for our nation’s health care system and bad for our economy. Obamacare is full of empty promises that have left families in Alabama with higher premiums, fewer choices, and a government bureaucrat in between them and their doctor.

Simply put, Obamacare too expensive, too restrictive, too far reaching, and too ineffective. This damaging law represents a major shift in the direction of socialized medicine, which Americans neither want nor need. This new law raises taxes, cuts Medicare, and expands federal funding for abortion services while also raising health care costs. Obamacare is not reform, but instead simply a massive expansion of government encroachment into the health care sector.


A Recognized Leader in Supporting Gun Owner Rights

Senator Shelby is an unwavering proponent of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and the right it gives the American people to keep and bear arms. As such, any attempts to deny this right violate both the letter and spirit of our Constitution. The National Rifle Association recognizes Senator Shelby’s leadership on this issue and has rated him a lifetime score of “A+” for his staunch support of the Second Amendment.

Enforcement, Not New Gun Control Laws, Is The Answer

To address concerns of gun crimes and criminal possession of firearms, Senator Shelby does not believe that the answer is to create laws that deny law abiding citizens the ability to defend themselves. Criminals will not be deterred by any such laws. Rather, the answer is proper and robust enforcement of appropriate gun laws now on the books.

Furthermore, the proper way to combat crimes in our communities is to ensure that those who commit them are properly arrested, convicted and incarcerated for their crimes. Senator Shelby will never support any attempt to deny law abiding citizens their constitutional right to bear arms.


Pursuing Domestic Energy Security

Senator Shelby has always been a vocal advocate for ending the United States’ dependence on foreign oil. The funds that our nation spends on importing oil could fall into the hands of a nation adverse to American interests, such as Iran, and could be used to finance terrorism and prop up hostile regimes.
While it is not practical for the United States to become completely energy independent in the foreseeable future, Senator Shelby believes that we must immediately take steps to be energy secure — to acquire energy from our own resources and those of friendly nations. To do this, Senator Shelby supports tapping into all domestically available energy sources, including nuclear, oil, natural gas, clean coal and hydroelectric, while also continuing to develop alternative energy sources, such as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass. Only through an appropriate mix of domestic energy sources, can we expect to produce the energy our nation needs, while also properly encouraging the development of new domestic sources.


Maintaining a Strong Military

Senator Shelby is a staunch advocate of maintaining a strong national defense and has worked throughout his time in Congress to ensure that our military remains the best trained and equipped fighting force in the world.

During these uncertain times around the world with the growing presence of ISIS and other threats to our national security, it is as important as ever to ensure that we have a strong military. Senator Shelby has always supported efforts to properly train and equip our men and women in uniform, and he will continue to fight to protect the American homeland and its vital interests.

Fighting Against the Iran Nuclear Deal

Senator Shelby strongly opposes President Obama’s so-called nuclear deal with Iran. He believes that this Administration was more concerned with reaching any deal than one that had the best interests of the American people and our national security in mind. In Senator Shelby’s role as Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, he has been outspoken in his opposition to the Administration’s efforts to lift economic sanctions on the Iranian regime. He believes that this decision will only further empower the leading state sponsor of terrorism to fund terrorist activities in the region, leading to heightened destabilization in the Middle East.

In addition with his concerns regarding sanctions and the deal reached with Iran by the Administration, Senator Shelby was adamantly opposed to the secret side deals that were negotiated and not shared with Congress or the American people. Senator Shelby has always advocated for more accountability and transparency in government, and strongly believes that it is completely unacceptable for the Administration to refuse to disclose all of the details of the Iran nuclear agreement to the public.


Standing Up For Our Seniors

Senator Shelby believes that the federal government has an obligation to Social Security and Medicare recipients, and he remains committed to searching for improvements to both systems that will benefit America’s seniors who depend on them to meet their daily needs.

Preserving Social Security and Medicare

For far too long, the federal government has used annual surpluses generated by the Social Security and Medicare programs to spend as part of the regular federal budget. Now, as more and more members of the baby boom generation reach retirement age, these funds must be dedicated to the programs for which they were raised instead of being spent for unrelated purposes.

Under the existing systems, as Social Security and Medicare begin to pay out more than they take in through payroll taxes, any shortages will have to be made up by increasing taxes or cutting benefits. Senator Shelby finds both of these options to be unacceptable. America must maintain its commitment to our seniors who have paid into the programs all of their lives while also finding a way to make it solvent for future generations.

Pursuing Reform

Finding solutions to this problem will be very time consuming and complex. However, Senator Shelby believes that we must begin to search for these solutions now. Senator Shelby remains absolutely dedicated to maintaining our commitment to our seniors by ensuring that they receive the full benefits due to them under these programs after paying into them for their entire working lives.


Selling Our Goods and Services Throughout The World

Senator Shelby strongly supports an equal and fair trade relationship with all of America’s trading partners. One of the key drivers of economic growth in America and Alabama is our ability to provide products and services for export throughout the world.

Ensuring A Level Playing Field

When given the opportunity to compete on a level playing field, U.S. industries can hold their own against any company in any country, and this success can result in jobs and opportunities for millions of Americans. Too often, however, the United States enters into global trade relationships that favor our trading partners to the detriment of American companies and workers. Senator Shelby is concerned that our trade agreements too often promote unfair competition and job losses here at home. For this reason he voted against Trade Promotion Authority (also known as TPA or “Fast Track”) and he has serious concerns regarding the recently negotiated Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal.

In addition to his concerns regarding unfair competition and job loss, Senator Shelby strongly opposed TPA this Congress because he does not trust this Administration to negotiate trade deals that are in the best interest of the American people. Time and time again, President Obama promises one thing and delivers another. Senator Shelby believes that Congress simply should not grant more power to a president who has consistently abused his authority.

Although he voted against TPA under this Administration, Senator Shelby is committed to free and fair trade and will continue to work toward this goal in all of America’s trade relationships as we continue our efforts to expand our exports throughout the globe.


Opposing Tax Increases

Senator Shelby adamantly opposes any tax increases. The federal government must seek to balance its annual budget by reducing its spending, not by adding to the tax burden that hard working Americans already shoulder. The American people know better than the government where their money is best spent and increasing the tax burden only punishes their hard work to prop up the government’s inability to live within its means.

Championing A Flat Tax System

Senator Shelby believes the U.S. tax system should be made less burdensome and more simple. That is why he has authored the “Simplified, Manageable and Responsible Tax (SMART) Act.” This proposed flat tax would replace the current perplexing tax code with a flat rate of 17 percent on all individual wages, salaries, and pensions as well as business profits. The only exemptions to the tax would be a personal exemption of $14, 480 for a single person; $18,490 for a head of household; $28,960 for a married couple filing jointly; and $6,250 for each dependent. These allowances would be annually indexed to inflation. To prevent any double-taxation of income, an individual’s earnings from savings would not be included as taxable income. This would result in an immediate tax cut for virtually all taxpayers.

By freeing up all of the resources that are now being used to navigate through and comply with the federal tax code, Senator Shelby’s flat tax proposal would allow families and businesses to redirect their resources away from tax compliance and toward caring for their families and creating jobs.

Ending The Death Tax

Senator Shelby also supports the full and immediate repeal of estate and gift taxes. It is not reasonable to ask families to visit with the IRS at the same time they are saying goodbye to a loved one. Even worse, it is unfair that the government would seek to double tax the income that a departed loved one has spent his or her entire life earning to pass along to heirs.


Maintaining Our Commitment To Our Nation's Heroes

The American Dream would not be possible without the courageous men and women of our Armed Forces, and Senator Shelby believes that we must maintain our nation’s commitment to those who have served.

Throughout his service in Congress, Senator Shelby has worked to make certain that veterans receive proper care and benefits for their service. He has fought to increase support for the Veterans Administration (VA) healthcare and retirement systems, while also working to ensure that we properly care for those who have suffered casualties during the course of their service. For example, Senator Shelby is a strong proponent of legislation that would allow veterans who draw Department of Defense retirement pay to concurrently receive their VA disability compensation as well.

Senator Shelby has always been and remains committed to work on behalf of our nation’s veterans.



Senator Shelby knows that educating our youth is a direct investment in the future of America. In the global economy in which we live in today, we must ensure that our students are adequately prepared to compete with their students around the globe.

Senator Shelby is very wary of Common Core because he fears that federal government intervention into our education system will only lead to red-tape and take autonomy away from teachers and parents in the community. He believes that our students, the future leaders of America, will be better served if Washington stays out of the classroom.


A Record of Reform and Leadership

As the Chairman of the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee, Senator Shelby has demonstrated his conservative leadership by demanding transparency, accountability, and taxpayer protection within our nation’s banking and financial system.

Senator Shelby has spearheaded the effort in the Senate to reverse the harmful effects of the “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.” Instead of properly addressing the issues that led to the financial industry crisis, Dodd-Frank is largely composed of a decades-old liberal wish list of provisions that simply provide for greater government control of the financial sector.

Ending Bailouts

Senator Shelby is the leading Congressional opponent of using taxpayer dollars to bail out private firms. One of his first votes as a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives was to oppose the federal government rescue of Chrysler in December 1979. He has opposed all forms of federal bailouts ever since, including the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) that was enacted in October 2008. Senator Shelby continues to actively pursue policies and legislation that clearly stipulate that no enterprise is too big to fail.

Holding The Federal Reserve Accountable to the Taxpayer

Senator Shelby remains concerned about the lack of oversight of the Federal Reserve in the aftermath of the financial crisis and in the post Dodd-Frank world in which the Federal Reserve has been empowered with even more regulatory authority. He also believes that the Federal Reserve should have nothing to hide from the American people.

This Congress, Senator Shelby has pushed for reforms to the Federal Reserve to ensure that it is accountable both to Congress and to the American people. With a balance sheet of more than $4 trillion, the Federal Reserve should be subject to scrutiny and oversight so that its actions can be understood and it can be held properly accountable.

Still Leading The Way

Senator Shelby will continue to lead the way to substantial financial reform that protects taxpayers, strengthens the economy, and preserves the competitiveness of the financial markets. Senator Shelby will continue to push for reforms to our financial sector that will make it more transparent and accountable so that the taxpayer will never again be called upon to prop up our nation’s banking institutions.