Grassroots Tea Party Groups Endorse Richard Shelby

Grassroots Tea Party groups have endorsed Senator Richard Shelby’s campaign.

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Endorses Senator Richard Shelby

ATLANTA, Ga. – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund (TPPCF) Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today announcing the SuperPAC associated with the nation’s largest Tea Party organization is endorsing Alabama’s U.S. Senator Richard Shelby for reelection.

“Richard Shelby deserves another term in the United States Senate. He has earned it.”

“In Alabama, Sen. Shelby is known for visiting each of the state’s 67 counties to meet with his constituents every year. In Washington, D.C., Sen. Shelby is known as a canny fighter, one whose experience has taught him how to work the levers of power in the Senate on behalf of those he represents.”

“Years ago, as Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, Sen. Shelby left a meeting at the White House a few minutes early, to make sure he would have time alone at the microphones outside to warn the nation of the deal that was being cooked up inside to bail out the big Wall Street banks. He knew what they were doing at that meeting was wrong, and he fought a President of his own party to stop it.”

“And his determination to stop illegal immigration isn’t some ‘election year conversion,’ as some have falsely charged. He has a long and consistent record fighting those who would open our borders with no regard for the rule of law. His record on illegal immigration is strong – NumbersUSA, one of the nation’s premier grassroots groups focused on immigration, has given him a lifetime score of ‘A.’”

“Sen. Shelby has a long record of fighting the liberals who want to raise our taxes, and borrow and spend money we don’t have, and limit our Constitutionally protected freedoms. On behalf of Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, I am honored to endorse Richard Shelby for another term in the U.S. Senate representing Alabama.”

Alabama Patriots Endorse the Reelection of Senator Richard Shelby

The Alabama Patriots, one of the oldest Tea Party groups in Alabama, announced their support of Senator Richard Shelby’s reelection to the U.S. House of Representatives. Shelby is the latest of an extensive list of conservative candidates that have been endorsed by the Alabama Patriots which includes Gary Palmer and Dave Bratt.

“Now more than ever, Alabama and the United States of America need Senator Shelby’s proven conservative leadership to fight against President Obama’s Democratic party and their assault on our freedoms and on our way of life,” Commander Danny B. Joyner of the Alabama Patriots explained.

“Senator Shelby has consistently stood with us and has stood strong to protect the Constitution and to preserve the values we hold dear. He has exhibited true Tea Party values even before there was an organized Tea Party movement.”

Joyner believes the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and in California mean Shelby’s return to represent Alabama in DC is an absolute must.

“We now live under the constant threat of attack and we need a strong leader who is willing to stand up to President Obama and say enough is enough,” Joyner said. “Senator Shelby has been out front on this issue and has publicly criticized Obama’s ridiculous policies on gun rights, the importation of refugees and the war on terrorism. We need him to stay in DC and to keep standing up for the rights of every Alabamian. We need him to keep doing exactly what he is doing.”

Senator Shelby is ranked as one of the most conservative elected officials in Washington according to several conservative organizations including the Heritage Foundation. His voting record is consistently conservative.

“Alabama‘s duo of Senator Shelby and Senator Sessions represent the strongest conservative Senatorial team in the country, and we need the two of them to continue to fight on our behalf in order to get our nation back on track,” Joyner said.

Since it was established in 2009, the Alabama Patriots have endorsed dozens of statewide and national candidates and more than 85% of the candidates they have endorsed have gone on to win their elections.