Senator Shelby’s proven conservative record

By Prim Formby Escalona

On Tuesday, the people of Alabama have an opportunity to cast a vote that will impact our country and our State in the coming months, years, and decades. It is an important decision. But, for me, as a conservative, a professional, and a parent, the decision to back U.S. Senator Richard Shelby for re-election is an easy one.

Senator Shelby has a proven track record of fighting for conservative values that has led him to become one of the most respected statesmen in Alabama’s history. His “long record of consistent support for pro-life legislation” has earned him the endorsement of National Right to Life. And the National Rifle Association has awarded him an A+ rating – its highest designation – for his “leadership on Second Amendment issues in the U.S. Senate.” Senator Shelby is on the right side of important issues, and I feel confident that Senator Shelby is best equipped to fight for what is right for our nation, our State, and future generations.

Of the many national and local endorsements Senator Shelby has received, one stands out from the rest for me – that of his fellow Senator Jeff Sessions. I had the privilege of working for Senator Sessions for four years. During those years in Washington, I had the opportunity to witness first-hand the value of the Shelby-Sessions partnership in the Senate. We hear a lot about the problems in DC – and a good deal of that criticism is valid – but we can be proud of our Senators. Senator Shelby and Senator Sessions’s top priority is the State of Alabama, and they work tirelessly to see that our many interests are protected. While our two Senators have their own individual strengths, the combination of those strengths has given Alabamians a strong voice across a wide-range of issues and a seat at the table when decisions are made.

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